Alanic Archaeological Materials at The Met

detail of a silk trim and fleece lining belonging to the Alanic kaftan under study in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [image credit: author’s own]

This project researches and contextualizes the 45 6th- to 9th-century Alanic objects from the Northern Caucasus in the collection of the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am collaborating with textile conservator, Martina Ferrari, on an article that specifically reconsiders the kaftan (no. 1996.78.1) in regard to its original construction, later phases of alternations, modern reconstructions, and conservation treatments.

I presented my research on the provenance of these objects at the Southern Caucasus Colloquium in New York, December 2019, and will present it at the conference, Древние и Средневековые Культуры Центральной Азии и Среднего Востока (Ancient and Medieval Cultures of Central Asia and the Middle East), in Saint Petersburg, November 2020.