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looking out across Dandanakan blanketed in poppies and chamomile in April 2019

I am a member of the newly founded survey and excavation project in Turkmenistan, Towns of the Karakum (ToKa). The project is directed by Martina Rugiadi, Paul Wordsworth, Mukhammed Mamedov and Redzhep Dzhepbarov, and supported by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Turkmenistan’s National Directorate for Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments. In the first season (spring 2019), we began excavations at the Medieval city of Dandanakan, about 35 kilometers southwest of Mary in the Murghab oasis. On the team I work as a field archaeologist, as well as help out with Russian translation.

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Presenting our 2019 field season results at the American Center in Ashgabat. Photo courtesy of Paul Wordsworth

Previous excavation projects, in which I have been involved include:

The “Long Wall” of Bukhara project in Uzbekistan led by Sören Stark (ISAW-NYU) and Djamal Mirzaakhmedov (Institute of Archaeology at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan in Samarkand). The excavation season took place at Hodzha-Adzhvandi-Tepa in the Navoi Province from June through August 2014. I primarily worked as an illustrator of ceramics.

The Abydos project in Egypt led by Matthew Adams (IFA-NYU). The excavation season examined the 2011 looting damage at the Abydos North Cemetery in Upper Egypt from January through March 2013. I worked as the database manager on-site (sharedshelf and ARTstor).

The Kınık Höyük project in Cappadocia, Turkey led by Lorenzo d’Alfonso (ISAW-NYU). I was trained and worked as a field archaeologist in June and July 2012.